Welcome to ePsychology Clinic

ePsychology Clinic is the extension of my psychology practice based in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia. This site developed from the need to provide resources to my clients, and others, in relation to the promotion of well being, and the realization of the potential that lies within.

I use many therapeutic modalities within my work with clients, however I am most attracted to psychodynamic approaches, and there is no doubt in my view that Transactional Analysis, and the new model of Intra-actional Analysis, which is derived from Transactional Analysis, provides the best model in terms of informing the client and the therapist, and developing the pathway towards positive and sustaining life changes.

So, the process involves an overall appreciation of Transactional Analysis to provide the basis for an understanding of Intra-actional Analysis as the pre-condition for the development of relationships with, and within yourself, through the Inner Journey.

I hope this process will be a rewarding and life changing experience.